Natural Hair Care

2 Shampoo Alternatives That Work & Why

Tired of that dried out feeling your hair gets after a shampoo? You’re not alone! One of the things about being natural is finding products and methods that actually make sense to put into our hair. Cleansing properly and penetrating product build up is…

19th September 2017
Natural Hair Care

The Facts About Hot Oil Treatments

Hot oil treatments are such an underrated practice but a universal one at the same time. Most of us have been getting them since we were little with our candy bows and relaxers but did you ever know exactly what they’re  for in the…

5th September 2017
scalp stimulation natural hair
Natural Hair Care

Why Stimulating & Massaging Your Scalp Is Important

Ahhh, the scalp. Probably one of the most forgotten about parts of our hair which is actually where healthy hair begins. I’ve recently began exploring just how important this is and making a few changes and I must say the difference is pretty noticeable!…

10th May 2016
defined wash and go
Natural Hair Care

How To Get Super Defined Hair

As naturals the health of our hair thrives on a strict moisture routine that most of us have down perfectly. Each of our regimens maybe slightly different but they all serve the same purpose; to keep our curls juicy and soft. Recently while watching…

29th April 2016
shorten your wash day
Natural Hair Care

How To Shorten Your Wash Day

With this practice your next wash day could be a breeze with this simple and easy method that leaves your hair feeling fully moisturised, soft and easy to manipulate. There’s that moment in everyone’s wash day routine where you have to choose between spending those much…

10th March 2016
natural hair bun
Natural Hair Care

Natural Hair & Bun Maintenance

The cold weather is biting at your ends and you’re probably  doing the best you can to holding on to every drop of moisture you’re putting into your hair. This winter has definitely been a season full of buns and I was amongst that crowd. I’ve…

29th February 2016