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4 Simple Daily Practices That Will Keep Natural Hair Moisturised

12th April 2015
Moisturised natural hair

Dry hair is a battle that we all face due to the properties of natural hair however implementing these 4 daily practices into your natural hair regimen will keep your natural hair more moisturised and feeling soft. Keeping your natural hair moisturised has never been easier.

Water & Spray Bottle Recipes

Using water everyday certainly keeps a steady flow of moisture coming towards your hair and having an excellent spray bottle recipe will further more add to that. There are some amazing spray bottle recipes that benefit natural hair in several ways. See an excellent list here.


Oiling Your Edges and Ends

Edges are important for fuller looking hair and your ends are what retain hair length. Keeping these two important parts of your hair moisturised daily will help combat single strand knots and kick start the regrowth of your edges. Oil’s excellent for strengthening and moisturising are coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, olive oil and avocado oil.


Drinking Plenty of Water

Our bodies use water for everything from lubricating our joints to hydrating our skin. Everything we ingest will show up everywhere especially in your hair. That’s why drinking more water on a daily basis will make a big difference in the moisture, look and feel of your hair. The more you put into your body the more your hair will have.



On days where you don’t have anywhere to go or you’re wearing a style that doesn’t require stretched hair wear a shower cap for a few hours while lounging around the house. Especially if you use sealants daily this will help lift your hair cuticle and allow all of those oils and products to really penetrate your hair.


These 4 simple practices will help your hair by retaining moisture and in time train your hair to expect that level of moisture and not going into emergency moisture retention mode. 

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