5 Cheap & Easy Hacks For Controlling Oily Skin

6th July 2015
oily skin hacks

Oily skin can be a pain, right along with the shiny forehead and cheeks it brings. I have this problem so I constantly have to find new methods that work to keep my pores from becoming clogged and morphing into giant pimples. Along the way I’ve discovered a few hacks that have helped me that has my skin looking fresh and very unreflective. Here are 5 cheap and easy hacks that have helped me with my oily skin drama.


Blot…A lot

oily skin hacks

This has probably helped me the most. I wear makeup on a daily basis and I used to buy those flimsy strips of paper that are specifically made to soak up oil. Don’t get me wrong oil blotters do a great job but they also removed my foundation and caused me to have to reapply my makeup. That’s when I discovered the toilet paper trick. Most squares of toilet paper have two to three layers so I’d just pull them apart so that I had a single layer of tissue. The thin sheet of tissue acts as a light sponge and only soaks up the oil and leaves my foundation untouched! Just lay it wherever there’s oil and press down and voila all gone!




Astringent Is The Bomb Diggity

One thing that I do after I’ve washed my face at night is apply astringent. Astringent is just a fancy word for a product that attracts and traps oil and dirt. It has alcohol in it as well and leaves the surface of whatever it touches pretty clean and sterile. I use it on my forehead and cheeks and throughout the day if i’m not wearing makeup. My favourite brand to use is Seabreeze, this formula is strong so I would’t use it more than 2-3 time a day. It works so well that it can actually cause you to have dry skin. If regularly astringent can also shrink your pores which is what causes excessive oil in the first place!



Don’t Reapply Your Foundation

I know this one’s hard not to do but it’s not worth the painful pimple that could spawn from it. I noticed that when I was practicing this habit I would get random breakouts. They didn’t happen right away which is proof that reapplying was causing build up in my pores and since I also have sensitive skin (which makes everything much more complicated) I can’t use harsh cleansers. So this buildup wasn’t going anywhere and I’d get these huge painful blemishes which were nurtured by my oily skin and were hard to get rid of. If you must reapply blot before you do otherwise you’re just putting makeup on top of oil and sealing it in, creating a fresh zit in the process.



Try Not To Sleep In Your Makeup 

For those with a busy, party hard or lazy type of lifestyle this can be a regular thing that just kind of happens. Habits like this not only cause acne and clogged pores but also damaged skin. Most makeup products that are on the market including some expensive brands contain toxic chemicals. Our skin is a living organism with pores that excrete and absorb whatever’s on top of it. This can cause you to prematurely age due to cell damage from the chemicals in your products and also cause your pores to enlarge. The bigger your pores the more oil they’ll produce and the more shine you’ll have.


Use Soaps & Natural Products v.s. Manufactured Formulas

The only thing that I’ve used to wash my skin with for the past 4 years is Dove soap for sensitive skin. I actually learned this from my grandmother who at the ripe and tender age of 70 had butter milk smooth skin. Manufactured products work and are great for fixing blemishes quickly but they also contain chemicals that no one can spell or pronounce that are absorbed through your pores filling your body with toxins. Try using clay washes like Rhassoul clay which is found in nature and has been used for hundreds of years by royalty and indigenous tribes because of its amazing properties. I always think when buying products would a queen have used this?


Your skin be it oily or dry is what you must live with for the rest of your life and that should be the best reason to take very good care of it. Oily skin can bring it’s share of problems but it also is beneficial in ageing and makes your skin less prone to wrinkles. Practicing these 5 hacks for oily skin everyday will make a vast improvement and will save you several headaches.


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