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11 Slimming Fashion Hacks For All Body Types

8th April 2015
plus sized fashion

Women are amazingly inquisitive, sensitive, giving and their own biggest critic. The clothes on everyone’s backs are amazing tools that when used in the right way, can be a powerful asset. So no matter if you’re looking to play down extra baggage or accentuate the lovely lumps and bumps your momma gave you these fashion hacks can help.

Empire Waist Clothing

Whether you’re looking to wear a dress or top anything with an empire waistline will be slimming and flattering for every body type. The higher than normal waistline draws the eyes downward elongating your body. The use of a thick belt can take inches off of your waistline with this look.

top, Empire Waistline, green, v-neck, lace, elbow sleeves, plus sizeSurplice maxi dressA romantic, plus size dress with empire waistline makes for easy-to-wear style. Dress it up or keep it casual. We based this style on our bestselling Essential Tank Dress to offer you a style with sleeves!

Easily DIY with a short or long sleeve form fitting top and a flowy or form fitting skirt. Simply tuck your top into the skirt pull it up and add a thick or thin belt of your choice!

curvy style | More here! I usually shy away from belts... I wonder if this could work for me? with a different color top though...


A Line Dresses

Dresses with an A-line shape are great for drawing attention away from the hips and stomach and amplifying an hour glass figure due to the slightly flared out shape of the dress (hence the ‘A’ shaped name).

Adelle Dress in Noir Dot from Igigi The perfect mix of modern and vintage our Adelle Dress is a classic cocktail dress that you'll love wearing season after season. The sheer overlay A-Line skirt and empire waist are reminiscent of hollywood starlets of the past and are easy to wear for any occasion. Make this look shine by adding metallic accessories and an embellished heel.Ashley Graham

Easily DIY by finding a solid colored dress that’s one or two sizes too big that is made of a stiff material and adda thin belt. Pull down on the dress causing it to sink underneath the belt and voila! You’re very own self made A line dress.

tent-shaped dress with buttons in the back - pattern from Japanese book "Daily Sewing Book"


Long Tailored Blazer

Blazers are great accessories than can bring so much more to any outfit. Adding a blazer with a long cut to your wardrobe is beneficial when you’re wanting to conceal areas of the abdomen. The long lines at your side close off problem areas and can elongate the torso. This style blazer works well with dresses, long pants leg styles and form fitting pants styles i.e. jeggings, tights, skinny jeans.

Cruise and Ahhs Blazer in Plus Size, #ModCloth  --  Is that a fancy suit jacket for a plus-sized butch or genderqueer wife/husband/partner?  Why, yes.  Yes, it is.  (YUM.)  $65Girl With Curves: Bonjour #maternitystyle #babybump


Patterned Wrap Dresses

The one thing that I love about wrap dresses is how good they look on every body type, working as a stylist I’d always suggest them to thicker women who were wanting something sexy that would compliment their shape. The wrap dress adds a waistline by wrapping around and tying at the side synching in your waist and gently falling over the hips giving an our glass silhouette. Patterns draw attention away from any extra baggage and add color and style to the wearer.

Plus Size Printed Faux-Wrap Dress #plus #size #fashionCurves and Confidence | Inspiring Curvy Fashionistas One Outfit At A Time


Layered Dresses

With so many different styles of dresses finding one for yourself should be easy. One style that many over look is dresses with layers. Not only are they unique but they’re probably one of the best concealers in the apparel world. They keep the eye busy and hang loosely but still manage to keep a shapely appearance. They’re excellent for women looking to conceal the abdomen and hip areas.

Mother of the Bride dresslong short cobalt blue maxi mini asymmetrical neckline evening party  #plussize #maxi #dress - Anna Layered Dress is super cute!!! Loving the color! I want this! :)


Knee Length Cardigans

This particular style of cardigan is useful not only because it’s chic but because of the slimming effect it yields over the entire body. Exaggerated length on pieces of clothing that you put over an outfit are great for slimming and concealing at the same time. For an added touch add a pair of high waist jeans with a thin belt over the cardigan to synch your waist and elongate your legs.

Plus size designer HARLOW Australia Fall 2014 Look Book on The Curvy FashionistaAn essential long, light-weight plus size sweater cardigan that’s virtually season less in possibility! The ultimate in layering versatility, pair with a long sleeve tee or our Pretty Cami now. Wear it over a maxi in the spring and summer!



A good pair of jeggings does every body type extreme justice, unlike regular jeans the breathable form fitting material hugs all of the good parts and tucks in all of the areas that need it most due to the springy spandex nature of the material. These pants also accentuate every bottom type for those who don’t have much junk in the trunk.

Very cute outfit. Plus size and curve friendly. I like the metallic belt and chic lookLightweight, super stretchy plus size jeggings in trendy colors! We can’t get enough of these soft jeggings. Whether your bootyliscious or straight in shape, these will skim your curves and show your natural assets.


Short Blazers + Short Length Tops

This style takes away from the abdomen area because it creates an imaginary line for our eyes to follow that break up the top from the bottom. In order for this hack to work the blazer length must be above or around the hip area and the shirt must be the exact length of the blazer or no more than a few inches longer. Add a pair of flared out jeans to elongate that imaginary line and furthermore conceal the abdomen area or button the blazer for a slimmer waistline.

Pinstripe Blazer #plus #size (I want this more than I can express!)Leopard Blazer, Black Blouse, Skinny Jeans, Heels #thick #curvy "if you like my curvy girl's fall/winter closet, make sure to check out my curvy girl's spring/summer closet."


High Waist Flared Out Jeans

High Waist jeans in general are great for making the body appear taller and for slimming the thigh area. They pair well with form fitting tops that can be tucked into the jeans. Add a chunky necklace to this look to draw attention to the chest and face.

Tanesha Awasthi...I'm not a fan of leopard print, but she just always looks so goodJeans


T Shirt Dresses

The T shirt dress is another excellent camouflager because it hangs loosely but falls around the hips making a dip at your waist. This detail ensures that your waistline won’t be lost and due to the breezy easy going fit you can feel comfortable and not worry about those little bumps and bulges.

See more Adorable plus size dress fashionMaternity-Friendly via          #curvy #maternitystyle #plussizefashion



Adding a scarf can not only bring out colors but conceal the stomach area as well. A light weight scarf can be tied without appearing too bulky with a spring or summer outfit.

black jacket, blue jeans and pink sweater plus sizeTrendy Plus Size Fashion for Women: Autumn Dresses


Following these style tips will make formal and casual wear shopping an absolute breeze! Remember it’s all about lines and where they will fall on your body. Another great slimmer is the maxi dress but then again I think everyone girl knows that we all look amazing in them. Never forget that no matter what body type you have that you are stunning and that the presence of beauty in another woman is not the absence of your own.





Transition From Winter To Summer In Style

7th April 2015

Transition From Winter To Summer In Style

In some places the winter weather was a pretty cold one and in other areas many enjoyed luke warm weather and plenty of sun. Now is the time to prepare your wardrobe for the winter to summer transition as it becomes not as cold but still not warm enough. These styles can tide you over.

Love it. Autumn winter outfit

Great Color contrast




Fall / Winter - street style - black and white stripped sweater + white cropped pants + leopard print sneakers + black sunglasses + light grey coat + coral handbag

Nice pop of color



curiosites:  non—-sequitur:  really digging this whole cropped pants trend. you have to get the length just right though.

Great use of creating more space and lines with short pants

Light layered shirts with something heavy like a knitted scarf or a thick cardigan or jacket are excellent for warm and style.







Fashion and style: work outfit white shirt + black skinny pants + nude shoes + nude trench or cardigan. Absolutely love it!

Layer up with a light jacket and and collared shirt and form fitting jeans



Layers galore! This works because of the length that breaks up the heaviness of this style. Shorts with tights are edgy and can bring a summeresque look to any style.

Thigh high socks make any outfit like 10 times cuter

Blazer season is in (well it’s always in for me) this upbeat casual look is light and warm and once again we see that white, tan and blue color spectrum in use. As well as breaking up the heavier toned blues with the use of a lighter colored belt.

8 fall outfits for women everyone can wear - Jennifer Rizzo Nx


This light and fun look uses the unique method of making a color pop in your outfit by adding a ‘like’ colored accessory.

I love a structured outfit like this, centered around the skinny jean and working with simple pastel pinks and creams that really bring out the blue of the denim. Outfit Idea #3. Rock a leather midi-skirt, denim shirt and booties. Wearing a heavyweight bottom and shoes that fully cover your feet balance out a thin top.  Just like the idea...

All black everything with ripped jeans for an airy look and a short light jacket.

 I would dress like this all the time if I could via Discover and share your fashion ideas on


Use a light sweater to throw over a cute dainty dress


















Shop this look for $106: — Burgundy Cropped Sweater — Black Skater Skirt — Dark Brown Leather Crossbody Bag — Black Wool Tights — Brown Leather Ankle Boots
Simple sweater + Simple leather mini + Simple black booties = Simply perfection

Implement a cute skirt with a cute baggy sweater with tights or no tights at all!











Wear a cute dress with a jacket or boots, be adventurous with fall patterns or more summer welcoming with vibrant colors.

jewelry jewelry fashion jewelry 2013-2014 ... by CornyFall indie fashion [Pinterest: @YelaGarcia]



The usage of different pieces of clothing that are brought together by large accessories is perfect for transitioning. Can’t forget a good head wrap to protect your hair from brisk weather!

18-15n-77-30w:  lionessstyle:  Oh, those pants!! Killin’ it! everything about it.... the flow of it, the earthiness of it... the earth tones.... and the beautiful sis!


Thick textured patterns with different ranges of colors are great for warmth and flare

i don't know if it's the boots and headwear, or how happy this girl is... but i'm lovin' itAfrican fashion African Clothing  African Tradition Beautiful Africans African Style Ankara Nigerian Ghanaian Kenyan Burundi Senegalese Swahili


















Last but not least throw some floral print into the mix! If you’re into that type thing.

make use of your summer kimonos by wearing them with ankle boots and leggings or skinny jeans22 Brilliant Outfit Ideas with Leather Jacket