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Easy Hair Wash & Detangling Method For Natural Haired Kids

12th April 2015

Detangling a child’s natural hair can be an absolute ear numbing and patience thinning process. This step by step detangling method for children with natural hair can actually help from start to finish and will hopefully put an end to the kicking and screaming we all love hearing so much.

Preparation: Stretching The Hair

A few days before wash day style your child’s hair in a way that will stretch out their curls. Great hairstyle’s for stretching the hair are bantu knots and any style of twist or braids. Be sure to use a thick styling product that moisturises for those who have little one’s with thicker hair. This will coat the hair strands and weigh them down stretching them further more.


Before The Wash

Before you begin washing spray their entire head heavily with water and use a light oil to finger detangle and remove big knots and kinks. After you’ve semi detangled the entire head coat the hair with whatever co-wash or shampoo that you’re going to be using and place the hair in sections of two stranded twist.  This will gather small sections of hair together and effectively coat and condition.


During The Wash

During the washing place their head under the water and take down one twist and rinse through with water twisting the hair back directly after you’ve washed it. Continue to do so for each individual twist finger detangling as you go. Be sure to twist each section of hair back as the water is running over the hair this ensures that the hair is completely weighed down and detangled.


Conditioning: Deep/Leave In

If you’re doing a deep conditioner keep the hair in the twist and coat the hair with the deep conditioner and carry on with your usual deep conditioning regimen. If you’re applying a leave in conditioner do so by untwisting the hair coating it with the conditioner and twisting it back. Next, place a plastic shower cap over the head for 45 min- 1 hour. This will open the pores and give the conditioner a chance to penetrate, set and soften the hair.


Take Down

After your child’s wash is completed leave the hair in the twist and place a t shirt over the hair, this will help with frizz and soak up any excess water. Remove the shirt and allow the hair to air dry a bit and become more damp then wet. Next take down the twist one by one and add a sealant  to retain the moisture from the water followed by a styling cream if the hair is minimally damp.



Voila you’ve successfully washed, detangled and moisturised your child’s hair smoothly and with little effort and tug on the hair. This is a comb free method that works and helps with moisture retention and removing all knots and tangles. Using a hair funnel and shampoo rinser are great inexpensive ways for minimising water splatter and removing products. The hair should have more slip and be easily manageable and soft with no tears and no fuss!


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