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How To Stretch Your Natural Hair Heat Free!

22nd April 2015
stretch straighten natural hair

If you’re looking for a heat free method that will stretch your curls for an updo or protective style then you will love this method! I usually use this method to prepare my hair for a protective style that I want to wear for a while. This method eliminates frizz and holds my stretched curls in place and over time stretches them even further! I call it the “LoCoE” method because all you need is coconut oil, hair lotion and ecostyler Gel.


Things You’ll Need:

Coconut Oil, Hair Lotion (the thicker the consistency the better), Ecostyler Gel


*Recently found that the Olive Oil Moisturizing Lotion has sulfates! Try another similar product to avoid dryness.


Hair Prep

If you’re doing this method on freshly washed hair it is best to begin the method when the hair is slightly damp. Do your regular after wash regimen and try to exclude products that contain water as this will set your curls.


LoCoE Time!

1. Section off your hair into however many sections you’d like making sure that the amount of hair in each section can fit comfortably in the grip of your fist.

2. Take your coconut oil and place it over all of the hair in each section, don’t be shy with the amount!

3. Once you’ve covered each section of hair in coconut oil do the same with your hair lotion. As you place the hair lotion over the hair be sure to finger detangle and smooth it through.


4. As the hair lotion is being applied take your index finger and thumb and slide the lotion down the section of hair, you will see the hair becoming saturated and will begin to straighten out.

straighten and stretch natural hair

My Hair Beginning To Straighten

5. After you’ve stretched one section of hair place it in a bantu knot before you move on to another section, repeating these same steps with the other sections of hair.

6. Once you’ve finished allow the bantu knots to sit for 30-45 minutes and take them down.

7. Place your hair into two pony tails sectioning the front of your hair from the back and prepare for whatever protective style or up do that you usually rock

8. After your hair has been styled apply Ecostyler gel to the sides and the back of your hair for a stronger hold and even longer lasting smoothness.


I absolutely hate using any excess heat and try to explore heat free methods that will stretch my curls and keep them  that way. This method really does eliminate frizz, holds my hair in place , keeps my curls stretched and my ends moisturised under any protective style. I hope that this method works for you as well as it has for me!

Hot To stretch and  straighten natural hair

My “LoCoE” Method Turn Out: Straight Edges & Very Stretched Curls




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