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Knot Again! 4 Steps To Keep Knots & Tangles Out of Your Afro

4th April 2016
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The weather is heating up as spring has crept upon us to give that pre summer tease. This also means no more hiding those ends in a low maintenance protective style you’ve been rocking all winter, that’s right. It’s afro season again! I felt bold in the cold this year and wore my afro out and I was loving every minute of it! I had to battle some harsh dryness because of this but I’m thankful because it led me to find and create some simple tips and tricks that kept my curls less prone to knots, tangles and breakage. Read on to learn how I keep knots and tangles out of my afro for longer wear with these 4 simple tips.


1. Start an afro from an old twist out or bun where the hair has been stretched and your curls are still clumped together.  This is something I’ve always done, not only will this help with knots but your hair will have easily achieved uniformity. Old twist outs are great because you won’t have to do much to puff out your hair and clumped together curls are less likely to tangle or become tangled. An old bun hair style works as well because this hair style stretches the hair and leaves it tangle free because every strand was going in the same direction.


2. Before I go to sleep at night I put my hair into two sections with two pony tail holders and bantu knot the ends. This not only stretches my hair but also keeps my curls going in the same direction and away from one another so I’m not mashing them down when sleeping on them and creating tangles as I toss and turn. After a few nights I no longer bantu knot my hair instead I loosely twist the hair and wrap them around the pony tail holders. This keeps curls fresher lookingmand gives the ends a nice curl which makes for a cute afro. I also place a scarf around my hair covering the two puffs as well and then follow up with a satin bonnet cap.


3. In the morning I take my hair out of the two sections and put oil and curl definer on my hands  and take bits of my hair from each section and moisturise them as I go, essentially shaping my afro. For those with longer hair I suggest using castor oil on your ends or whatever oil you usually use to seal with. This will create a barrier between your ends and your clothes.


4. Lastly, when wearing my hair in an afro for prolonged amounts of time I never use picks or combs. Every time I’ve ever used one they’ve caused knots to form as well as breakage. My curl pattern is very tight so when I use a pick or comb all it does is removes any clumped curls and causes them to frizz out. Don’t get me wrong an afro is all about using the frizz to create big beautiful hair but hair that is clumped together doesn’t become tangled so when you remove those clumped curls you allow more strands to do their own thing. This is where the knots and tangles are introduced.

The afro is big bold and beautiful and the ultimate expression in natural hair styling and if you treat it right it will return the favor. I hope these 4 tips help you as much as they’ve helped me!

afro maintenance natural hair afro

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