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29th February 2016
natural hair bun

The cold weather is biting at your ends and you’re probably  doing the best you can to holding on to every drop of moisture you’re putting into your hair. This winter has definitely been a season full of buns and I was amongst that crowd. I’ve been wearing a ninja bun for more than a few months now and have discovered some quirks and mistakes that you wouldn’t think of at first glance. Keeping up natural hair is work but after you’ve fought with your coils and curls to get them into that bun you’re probably going to want to keep it up for as long as you can. Here’s what I’ve learned as far as bun maintenance with my natural hair.


Super tight buns are the devil

At first I was after that super sleek look where not a single hair was out of place so I kept my hair in a tight bun. As time went on I began to discover breakage but only in specific areas of my head/hair. I kept my eye on it and realised that the breakage was coming from pressure points where my hair would naturally be tightly pulled from the pressure of the hair band. These areas included the hair growing above my temples, middle of my forehead and at the back of my head. So instead I began to set my bun not so directly in the middle of my head but more towards the front . This alleviated pressure and looked even more stylish.


natural hair bun

Breakage points caused by stress from tight buns


Use a boar brush to reduce frizz

Boar brushes are great for achieving sleek hair with little frizz but overusing them can also be harmful and cause the hair to break due to how harsh and rough the bristles are. When I use this brush I make sure that I do so on very moisturised and detangled hair. Otherwise you’ll end up pulling hair upwards and causing knots to form where the curls aren’t stretched and detangling will be a nightmare.


Achieving & keeping sleek flat hair

For those with super thick hair getting it all into a bun can be frustrating enough but the key is to weigh your hair down from root to tip. Use a hair lotion as well as a cream, the thicker in consistency the better. My favourite product to use, while not containing a ton of natural ingredients is Organic Root Olive Oil Moisturising Hair Lotion. It lays my hair down like gel and once I brush it through it leaves my hair flattened, agile and easy to manipulate. Keeping your hair from getting frizzy is a matter of  how you tie up your hair, I use two scarves one that I tie frontwards and the other backwards for extra hold.

Getting that classic bun look

The key to getting the hair that is sticking out of the hair band into a bun is making sure that it is poofy and that there are hardly any defined curls. This will ensure that your hair can be easily manipulated into creating your desired bun. I find that working with hair that isn’t super weighed down in product at the ends makes it easier (depending on how voluminous your ideal style is). Remember the more weighed down your hair is the smaller the bun will be.


These tips are very simple yet very effective, and will hopefully lead to an amazingly well kept bun. The seasons are changing and soon it will be the perfect weather for afro’s and bikini’s but until then keep those ends moisturised and tucked away!  


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