oily skin hacks

5 Cheap & Easy Hacks For Controlling Oily Skin

Oily skin can be a pain, right along with the shiny forehead and cheeks it brings. I have this problem so I constantly have to find new methods that work to keep my pores from becoming clogged and morphing into giant pimples. Along the way…

6th July 2015
straightening natural hair
Natural Hair Care

6 Tips On Straightening Your Natural Hair

As naturals we love our fierce curls and kinks that make our hair gorgeous and full of body. It’s a given that we’ll want to change up our hair style every once and while and rock straight hair (mainly for the length checks). However…

6th May 2015
steaming natural hair
Natural Hair Care

Why You Should Be Steaming Your Natural Hair

After using a product on my hair I discovered that it had changed my natural hair’s porosity  causing it to change from normal to low. My hair had a hard time letting moisture in and led to my moisture retention dropping so low that I…

30th April 2015
combing natural hair
Natural Hair Care

Why Combing Your Natural Hair Can Become Harmful

As natural’s we must obtain extremely hydrated and tangle free curls to maintain the health of our hair. The detangling process can lead to over combing causing many issues. Here is a list of causes and reasons why every natural should be weary of just how much…

27th April 2015
how to apply foundation

How to Apply Powder Cream & Liquid Foundations

Whether you’re a powder, cream or liquid foundation girl the importance of application is dyer. Not having the right tools to make your base blend in smoothly can revert to your base wearing you and not YOU wearing your base.   Powder foundation is…

24th April 2015
stretch straighten natural hair
Natural Hair Care

How To Stretch Your Natural Hair Heat Free!

If you’re looking for a heat free method that will stretch your curls for an updo or protective style then you will love this method! I usually use this method to prepare my hair for a protective style that I want to wear for…

22nd April 2015
How to trim natural hair
Natural Hair Care

How Often & How You Should Trim Your Natural Hair

Trimming and washing your natural hair are two very important things that will lead to moisture retention and healthier hair strands. However just how often we do both of those things makes the biggest difference over all.   Why Trim? Trimming is the most…

17th April 2015
Natural Hair Care

What Shampoos & Conditioners Really Do

These facts and helpful hints will give you a better understanding on how to properly condition and cleanse your natural hair as well as the backgrounds on the very products you use. History of Shampoo Shampooing the hair has been around since ancient times originating…

16th April 2015