natural hair porosity
Natural Hair Care

Do You Know Your Natural Hair’s Porosity?

Hair porosity simply means how well your hair holds moisture. Your hair is unique to you and factors such as hair porosity play a huge role in the behaviour of your hair. Here are some reasons and facts about why knowing your natural hairs…

14th April 2015
plus sized fashion

11 Slimming Fashion Hacks For All Body Types

Women are amazingly inquisitive, sensitive, giving and their own biggest critic. The clothes on everyone’s backs are amazing tools that when used in the right way, can be a powerful asset. So no matter if you’re looking to play down extra baggage or accentuate…

8th April 2015

Transition From Winter To Summer In Style

Transition From Winter To Summer In Style In some places the winter weather was a pretty cold one and in other areas many enjoyed luke warm weather and plenty of sun. Now is the time to prepare your wardrobe for the winter to summer…

7th April 2015

How To Contour Your Cheek Bones

How To Contour Your Cheek Bones Contouring is an amazing tool to implement into your beauty routine, it can enhance your eyes and slim your face and really finish off any look. This skill is easy to learn and takes practice but once you…

4th April 2015
Kinky Clip Ins
Natural Hair Care

Natural Hair & Kinky Clip Ins Q&A

Natural Hair & Kinky Clip Ins Q&A Experimenting with different styles is something everyone does but when it comes to trying clip ins it can be a little tricky especially when it comes to finding them. I tried to do a lot of research…

3rd April 2015
Woman with Afro Hair
Natural Hair Care

Protective Styling Do’s & Dont’s

Protective Styling Do’s & Dont’s Protective styles are amazing for length retention and provide a low maintenance way to wear your hair. When choosing the right protective style it is beneficial to know exactly why you’re doing it and what steps you can take…

2nd April 2015