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Product Review: African Pride Leave In Conditioner

26th November 2015
Africa pride Leave in conditioner

I wanted to record my product reviews using video but the laziness I feel today is beyond measure. However I am excited to write about this product by African Pride as I love trying out low cost products that actually do what they say. I’ve tried a few products from the African Pride line and none have impressed me as much as this one has. Here is my experience with the African Pride, Olive Miracle Leave in Conditioner.


Was it moisturising?

It’s hard to say, I have a lot of different practices that I do on my wash day to ensure my hair is moisturised and there was no dramatic difference in using this product. However the texture of this product was light, watery and creamy and my hair really soaked it in.  I also noticed that it gave me excellent slip.


Most of the ingredients weren’t natural and contained mineral oil as well as sulfates.  It contained an ingredient that made it smell very sweet which I found pleasant.


My hair did stay moisturised for a very long time with this as my leave in conditioner and was super easy to detangle with.


It is a very low priced item, I bought this for less than £5 so the value for your money is pretty good.


When it says “leave in” it literally means LEAVE IN. On my next wash day I did a co-wash using conditioner only and discovered that I had this milky like feeling in my hair as if there was still a ton of product in it. As I began to finger detangle in the shower I realised that every glob of this leave in conditioner I put in my hair was perfectly intact and barely budging. It was the strangest thing because it was also still in clumps. I ended up having to use shampoo to wash it out completely  which I wasn’t happy with but hey, no real harm done.

Africa pride Leave in conditioner

What couldn’t come out of my hair during my co-wash


It smells delicious and definitely does moisturise your hair. It works very well with the L.O.C. Method and it’s super inexpensive and provides excellent slip.


I give it a pass! I’m all for saving money when you don’t have the extra funds for the all natural expensive products that do what this product does only with less ingredients that you can actually keep in your hair for long periods of time. The only thing I’d encourage is using this when you have an amazing cleanser that won’t dry your hair out as this doesn’t wash out easily. Other than that a big thumbs up!

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