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Natural Hair Care

Tips For A Clean System For Healthier Natural Hair

28th August 2017
healthy natural hair tips

Life in this day and age moves fast and seems to speed up a little bit more every year. Which is where fast food culture and getting what you need on the go reigns supreme. Although at times these little habits are unavoidable they do begin to take their toll on things like our energy, waist lines and our hair. These easy tips will help you keep on top of the health of your hair while you’re moving and shaking in the world because after all healthy hair starts from within.


Water intake

This tip is a great big duh these days but it’s amazing how many naturals are not on top of their daily water intake (myself included). This is essential for several reasons, not only does your hair draw from the water content in your body but it also benefits from the detoxifying properties of your body cleansing itself. Everything that we consume shows up in our hair and the more water we drink the better our bodies are at ridding themselves of impurities. After I began putting better effort forward with my water intake I saw results in the way my curls felt after taking down a protective style and in my curl definition down to my edges!


Natural Detoxes

I wasn’t too convinced at first on this one because there really isn’t any concrete research on how effective this is for hair growth but through my own experience I found that natural detoxes gave my body an excellent boost and my hair and nails responded accordingly. I use aloe vera juice and water to flush my system out, there are other awesome natural detoxes but this one is an easy favorite of mine. I recommend this for those who have a diet high in animal protein. Although protein is essential for building strong hair, protein in take from animal meat requires a cleanse here and there to keep the colon operating at full capacity. The colon aids in nutrient absorption so keeping this area running smoothly will have a direct impact on the functionality and health of your natural hair.



Vitamins are essential and honestly do the entire body good. Vitamins A, B and C are all excellent to add to your health regimen. Vitamin A is essential for cell growth point blank, cells can’t do their thing without this little gem you can get it from carrots, spinach and kale. Vitamn B better known as Biotin is the best vitamin for hair and nail growth hands down! I loved using this but didn’t like what it was doing with the rest of the hair on my body that’s already thick enough on it’s own. You can find vitamin B in liver, fish, crab and red meat. If you’re vegetarian consider a supplement instead. Vitamin C helps to create the protein collagen which is apart of the very structure that makes up each strand of hair on your head! Great sources of this vitamin include peppers and citrus fruits like oranges.


The More Fresh Foods the Better

Last but certainly not least is the amount of fresh foods you’re eating on a daily basis. Your body needs fresh foods and vegetables every single day to keep every part of you healthy. It’s easy to get fast food throughout the week when your schedule calls for it but making a mental note to eat something freshly prepared everyday should be the goal. I’d say implementing this step in the foods you snack on will yield great results especially for those who experience hair loss and breakage. Look for snack foods that promote healthy hair and cell growth like broccoli, brussel sprouts and strawberries. The list goes on!


Once you find your stride in eating more and more fresh ingredients everyday your body will feel amazing and you’ll never look back. We must remember to take care of ourselves as we make our way through this fast paced jungle we call life. We must battle the push of fast food, quick and cheap fulfillment and everyday distractions, take care of your body and it will take care of you!


Natural Hair Care

How To Get Super Defined Hair

29th April 2016
defined wash and go

As naturals the health of our hair thrives on a strict moisture routine that most of us have down perfectly. Each of our regimens maybe slightly different but they all serve the same purpose; to keep our curls juicy and soft. Recently while watching one of my favorite natural hair Youtubers Naptural85 I noticed that depending on the style she was going for she would apply certain hair products directly after she washed her hair while she was still in the shower. Naturally, I then adopted this practice and noticed that it actually works really well! Read on to discover how to achieve super defined hair by applying products while your still in the shower.


1. This trick works best if you wash your hair in sections and plat or twist them back up as you go. Wash your hair as normal and after your hair is clean apply whatever oil you would use to seal with directly afterwards. Olive oil works the best for me as it leaves a nice shine and leaves the hair feeling soft and easy to detangle. Be sure to rinse out excess oil for best results!

For the next following steps it just depends on your desired style:

Read steps 2A. and onwards for a wash and go, or 2B. and onwards for a style that will require twisting.

Wash & Go Styling Steps:

2A. After you’ve applied your oil that seals next you’ll want to apply a curl defining cream that gives you your best definition be sure to focus on your ends especially. If your hair feels pretty soft at this point you can skip this step but place a bit at your ends.

2A1.Next apply whatever gel you would normally use to top off your curl definition and as usual with a wash and go you’ll want to apply the gel generously. Be sure to really work it in from root to tip. If your hair starts to become dry wet it again under the shower head. Once your hair begins to dry frizz will appear, the objective is it to coat the hair with gel while it’s wet, defined and frizz free!

2A2. Next step out of the shower, you should now have generously wet hair that’s full of product and your curl pattern should be highly visible. If you spot frizz your hair may not be completely clean or have enough gel. Grab an old t-shirt and place it around the sections of your hair, try not to rub the hair but pat and dab it dry. 

2A3. Next you can either use a diffuser or just let your hair air dry. If you’re a heat free natural and will not be using a diffuser use bobby pins to hold down areas of your hair for less shrinkage. If you’re using a diffuser be sure to do the same to fight shrinkage by pulling down on your roots as you dry your hair. After your hair has dried you should have a very fluffy and defined twist out!


Twist out Styling Steps:

2B. After you’ve applied your oil that seals and have rinsed out any excess oil your next step will be to apply a styling pudding to your hair use a comb to gently rake the product through the hair from root to tip. Do this all over each section of hair.

2B1. Next, apply whatever gel or holding pudding you’d normally use as the final step of your twist out paying special attention to your ends. It’s best to stay near your shower incase your hair becomes dry as you will need to wet your hair again to eliminates any frizz.

2B2. Begin twisting your hair in your desired style being sure to flat twist (<<start video at 1:28) at the roots to stretch the hair for maximum length.

2B3. Once you’re done twisting wrap your hair in a t-shirt depending on how wet it is for 20 minutes or until moderately damp. If your hair feels not so damp skip this step. Tie your hair up as usual once you’ve removed the t-shirt and voila you’ll have a super defined twist out!


These steps are an ingenious way to truly eliminate frizz and take your next hairstyle to the next level. I plan to start keeping oils and styling products in the shower with me from now on. I hope this styling practice works out as great for you as it has for me!