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2 Shampoo Alternatives That Work & Why

19th September 2017

Tired of that dried out feeling your hair gets after a shampoo? You’re not alone! One of the things about being natural is finding products and methods that actually make sense to put into our hair. Cleansing properly and penetrating product build up is a must but we shouldn’t have to give up the moisture in our hair to do it. Move over shampoos, natural ingredient are taking back the game. These two natural alternatives are the way forward read on to find out why!


All natural ingredient soap bars

These are a seriously underutilized cleansing method across the board. Natural soaps are made with very little man made substance if any at all, and with moisture absorbing softening ingredients like glycerin you can’t go wrong. Not only do they provide excellent ingredients but they also work just as well at cleansing as shampoo does! My favorite soap to use is African Black Soap but I’m still experimenting. The ingredients include plantain, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, shea tree bark, coconut oil, palm oil and shea butter. Great stuff right! There are many other natural soap bars that have an entire list of awesome ingredients, so there’s no excuse not to try some of them out. These soap bars are packed with nutrients and are great for the skin as well just take your pick based on the needs of your hair and reap the benefits.

Benefits I’ve noticed:

  • Seriously clean hair
  • Light fluffy hair (haven’t pinpointed exactly why but love it!)
  • Less rinses
  • Cost effective
  • Longer lasting product

How to know if it’s all natural

  • Ingredients checking if you can’t pronounce half of them it’s not natural
  • Appearance (will look unprocessed and at times like a bar of throw up, just being real)


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Apple cider vinegar

The one the only! This is probably the O.G. of cleansing products, not only is it a superb cleanser but it is also very moisturizing and contains choice ingredients such as vitamins B1, B2, B6 and biotin. If you haven’t already added this to your tool kit you’re missing out big time! This has been the most effective at washing out any and all product. When shopping for apple cider vinegar look for a murky appearance this will ensure that it is indeed organic. Also look for Apple Cider Vinegar “with Mother” on the label this means that it still contains enzymes and strands of protein. “Braggs” is an excellent brand to refer to for use.

Benefits I’ve noticed:

  • Shiny hair after use
  • Very, very, very, one more time, VERY clean hair (cuts cleansing time in half)
  • Less dandruff over time
  • Mixes well with conditioner
  • Makes my hair easy to manipulate
  • Cost effective
  • Long lasting

Tips for use

  • Organic is always the best option, if it’s there go for it
  • Always dilute, 3 parts water 1.5 parts vinegar (spray bottle size matters tweak if necessary)
  • Safe for roots so really massage it in to help loosen product/dirt for best results
  • Careful with getting this in your eyes in the shower!
  • Look for a murky appearance to ensure it’s organic and unfiltered

apple cider vinegar


Everything isn’t for everyone and when it comes to you hair you should be choosy and experiment wisely. Shampoo alternatives that are effective and not harmful are few and far between, that’s why it’s best to go the natural route. After all, Queen Nefertiti wasn’t using Head & Shoulders! No shade though H&S but nature always knows best. Try out these methods and let us know how they’ve worked for you and any hidden gems that you’ve found along the way.