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Product Review: African Pride Leave In Conditioner

26th November 2015
Africa pride Leave in conditioner

I wanted to record my product reviews using video but the laziness I feel today is beyond measure. However I am excited to write about this product by African Pride as I love trying out low cost products that actually do what they say. I’ve tried a few products from the African Pride line and none have impressed me as much as this one has. Here is my experience with the African Pride, Olive Miracle Leave in Conditioner.


Was it moisturising?

It’s hard to say, I have a lot of different practices that I do on my wash day to ensure my hair is moisturised and there was no dramatic difference in using this product. However the texture of this product was light, watery and creamy and my hair really soaked it in.  I also noticed that it gave me excellent slip.


Most of the ingredients weren’t natural and contained mineral oil as well as sulfates.  It contained an ingredient that made it smell very sweet which I found pleasant.


My hair did stay moisturised for a very long time with this as my leave in conditioner and was super easy to detangle with.


It is a very low priced item, I bought this for less than £5 so the value for your money is pretty good.


When it says “leave in” it literally means LEAVE IN. On my next wash day I did a co-wash using conditioner only and discovered that I had this milky like feeling in my hair as if there was still a ton of product in it. As I began to finger detangle in the shower I realised that every glob of this leave in conditioner I put in my hair was perfectly intact and barely budging. It was the strangest thing because it was also still in clumps. I ended up having to use shampoo to wash it out completely  which I wasn’t happy with but hey, no real harm done.

Africa pride Leave in conditioner

What couldn’t come out of my hair during my co-wash


It smells delicious and definitely does moisturise your hair. It works very well with the L.O.C. Method and it’s super inexpensive and provides excellent slip.


I give it a pass! I’m all for saving money when you don’t have the extra funds for the all natural expensive products that do what this product does only with less ingredients that you can actually keep in your hair for long periods of time. The only thing I’d encourage is using this when you have an amazing cleanser that won’t dry your hair out as this doesn’t wash out easily. Other than that a big thumbs up!

Natural Hair Care

Product Review: Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream

23rd April 2015
cantu shea butter product review

This our very first product review & we’ve done it on the Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream! I hope you find my personal experience and feedback helpful and remember to always be selective with hair products you’re trying out for the first time!


  We will be posting more product reviews so stay tuned for more and feel free to submit any questions!

Natural Hair Care

How To Stretch Your Natural Hair Heat Free!

22nd April 2015
stretch straighten natural hair

If you’re looking for a heat free method that will stretch your curls for an updo or protective style then you will love this method! I usually use this method to prepare my hair for a protective style that I want to wear for a while. This method eliminates frizz and holds my stretched curls in place and over time stretches them even further! I call it the “LoCoE” method because all you need is coconut oil, hair lotion and ecostyler Gel.


Things You’ll Need:

Coconut Oil, Hair Lotion (the thicker the consistency the better), Ecostyler Gel


*Recently found that the Olive Oil Moisturizing Lotion has sulfates! Try another similar product to avoid dryness.


Hair Prep

If you’re doing this method on freshly washed hair it is best to begin the method when the hair is slightly damp. Do your regular after wash regimen and try to exclude products that contain water as this will set your curls.


LoCoE Time!

1. Section off your hair into however many sections you’d like making sure that the amount of hair in each section can fit comfortably in the grip of your fist.

2. Take your coconut oil and place it over all of the hair in each section, don’t be shy with the amount!

3. Once you’ve covered each section of hair in coconut oil do the same with your hair lotion. As you place the hair lotion over the hair be sure to finger detangle and smooth it through.


4. As the hair lotion is being applied take your index finger and thumb and slide the lotion down the section of hair, you will see the hair becoming saturated and will begin to straighten out.

straighten and stretch natural hair

My Hair Beginning To Straighten

5. After you’ve stretched one section of hair place it in a bantu knot before you move on to another section, repeating these same steps with the other sections of hair.

6. Once you’ve finished allow the bantu knots to sit for 30-45 minutes and take them down.

7. Place your hair into two pony tails sectioning the front of your hair from the back and prepare for whatever protective style or up do that you usually rock

8. After your hair has been styled apply Ecostyler gel to the sides and the back of your hair for a stronger hold and even longer lasting smoothness.


I absolutely hate using any excess heat and try to explore heat free methods that will stretch my curls and keep them  that way. This method really does eliminate frizz, holds my hair in place , keeps my curls stretched and my ends moisturised under any protective style. I hope that this method works for you as well as it has for me!

Hot To stretch and  straighten natural hair

My “LoCoE” Method Turn Out: Straight Edges & Very Stretched Curls




Natural Hair Care

Natural Hair & Kinky Clip Ins Q&A

3rd April 2015
Kinky Clip Ins

Natural Hair & Kinky Clip Ins Q&A

Experimenting with different styles is something everyone does but when it comes to trying clip ins it can be a little tricky especially when it comes to finding them. I tried to do a lot of research on this before and I couldn’t find much. Luckily I’ve been wearing clip ins for almost three months now and what I’ve found is that there are a few things worth pointing out that aren’t so obvious. Here are some tips on finding, and correctly matching kinky clip ins.

What Curl Pattern?

Clip ins will most likely be presented in a bundle of hair, if this is the case go for the curl patter that your hair can achieve i.e. how you hair looks after a twist out take down. If you’re looking for a less defined look so that you won’t have to worry about blending go for a bundle that has defined ends and densely compacted hair with little visible curls or an afro textured bundle.

Different lengths = Different Hairstyles

Take into account the kinkiness of the hair and that it is susceptible to shrinkage. I bought a bag of 12 inch and 14 inch hair but in person they looked more like 10 and 12 inch hair. If you’re looking for at least arm length hair I suggest going with 24 inches and up. If you’re wanting a shoulder length curly fro a bag of 12 and 14 inch hair is ideal and for a fuller TWA 10 inch hair.

Where Do I Find Them?

Kinky clip ins aren’t the easiest to find but there are several online businesses owned by naturals who sell them. They’re great quality but most that I’ve seen are a bit pricey but are more than likely exactly what you’re looking for. A couple of good one’s are Curl Sistas and Heat Free Hair. For the natural that is looking for quality on a budget, there are several other sites that carry these clip ins. I found mine on ebay by searching “kinky clip ins”, I was suspicious but it was great quality hair and would buy from them again. This is a market after all simply find the one offering good hair at competitive prices.

For Full Looking Shapely Hair

If you’re wanting a look that has a lot of body buying hair at different lengths is ideal. If you want a full looking fro then buying a bundle that is two inches shorter than your other bundle is key. When you think about it the fullest looking natural hair has layers galore that give it that distinctive afro shape.

How Much Do I Need?

If you’re looking for a full head of hair then buying two bags/bundles is definitely necessary. It’s not one of those things that you might be able to pull off without that second lot, trust me!

Does A Person’s Natural Hair Length Matter?

Yes and no, these clip ins have tiny clips on the weft that can attach to almost anything. What needs to brought into length configuration is if your natural hair when wet can cover the weft of the track. I’d say if your hair length is just above your ears then you can definitely wear clip ins. (10 inch hair really does compliment a TWA)

Texture Does Matter

When shopping for hair pay attention to how soft in appearance the hair is. One thing I’d change about my clip ins is the texture. My hair blends the best with the clip ins after a fresh wash and l.o.c method which is frustrating at times. Natural hair doesn’t appear soft in texture so avoid hair that looks soft and overly shiny.

What To Avoid

Soft hair textures, shiny hair textures and shady looking websites. That’s why I chose to buy my clip ins through ebay at least with this company if there are any issues you can dispute them and expect quality due to regulations.

Keyword Searches

Kinky clip ins, afro clip ins, curly clip ins (for my looser curled ladies).

How Long Do They Last?

As long as you’re willing to take care of them, much like you’re hair they’ll need moisture and light detangling. These clip ins do require work.

Hairstyling Methods That Really Blend

Two strand twist (all sizes), flat twist, three strand twist and braids

Are They Right For Me?

If you’re looking for a semi low maintenance hairstyle that you won’t mind putting in a little work for then yes they’re right for you.

When I was searching for my clip ins these are things that I really wanted to know but couldn’t find simply because there isn’t much information being shared to go on at the moment. Hopefully these helpful hints will aid you in your search! If want a reference for the company I bought mine from send me a message and I’ll post a link!

Kinky/Curly Clip Ins

Kinky Clip Ins From Ebay



Natural Hair Care

6 Praise Worthy Oils For Natural Hair Health & Growth

23rd March 2015

6 Praise Worthy Oils For Natural Hair Health & Growth

When it comes to retaining moisture in the hair, oil’s are one of the biggest helpers in doing just that. They are excellent sealants because of their ability to coat the hair and slow the release of moisture (water). Implementing them into your routine is a must but the biggest questions that everyone will ask themselves is which one(s) should I use? Here is a list of the top 6 major oil’s that are not only excellent sealants, but also bring nutrients and strength to the hair.

Coconut Oil

Raw Coconut Oil

Raw Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is extracted from the kernels of the coconut and is quite a heavy oil. It also reduces protein loss in hair and is high in calcium which is just one of the supplements a good head of hair needs. I frequently use this in my hair care regimen and noticed that due to it’s thick consistency it coats hair strands with ease and acts as an amazing sealant which led to my hair retaining more moisture. This will in a sense train your hair to become more absorbent and less dry.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is the liquid that is produced in the Jojoba plant and is medium-heavy in consistency. This oil is known to be one of the only oil’s found in nature that contains a lot of the same properties that are found in the oils produced by the human body for the hair. This oil contains a few vitamins and is a great sealant. Due to it’s heavy consistency it can weigh down the hair so it is more often recommended for people who have medium to extreme issues with hair dryness.To fully reap the benefits of this oil be sure that it is unrefined, in this state it will appear golden in colour. If it is refined it will appear both colourless and odourless.

Olive Oil

First Pressed Olive Oil On Left

First Pressed Olive Oil On Left

Olive oil is pressed from olives and is fantastic if you’re looking for something that will add a natural looking shininess to your hair. This is one of the lighter oil’s that doesn’t require too much of it to coat the hair, a little does go a long way. I’ve continually used olive oil for over a year and noticed that it left my hair looking naturally shiny and stronger! There are a lot of different types of olive oil so here are a few factors to take into consideration when buying.First, the different labels i.e. Extra Virgin and Virgin Olive Oil simply mean the degree of which it was processed. These do matter but have very little meaning when it comes to benefiting your hair. Second, what DOES matter is which press it is. As I stated previously, olive oil is pressed from olives so what you want is the first press. You can easily spot these batches by colour, the first press of olive oil will be a deep green colour and will contain all of the benefits that you want for your hair.

Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil is pressed from the fruit of an avocado and is medium heavy in consistency. The deep green hue of this oil is a symbol of the nutrients it naturally contains, one being chlorophyll which can actually re-start hair growth. This is another great sealant that actually makes your hair texture softer due to the high level of sugars it contains. Sugars are great for your hair which is why glycerin (another sugar) is in many hair products. This oil is pricy but well worth the extra money.

Argan Oil

Argan Oil

Argan Oil

Argan oil is a very light oil that is produced from the kernels of the argan tree. This slippery like oil is great for use as a heat protectant that won’t weigh the hair down. My personal experience with this oil was extremely positive. One benefactor that I noticed after continued use was that it made my hair more elasticised and added a very nice shine to it. I’d recommend this oil as a sealant for hair that isn’t prone to dryness and isn’t very thick. This oil is super light weight and has a very nice smell to it and contains a lot of fatty acids which is great for hair growth.




Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil is pressed from the seeds of grapes and is medium in consistency. This light weight oil is packed with Vitamin E and is easily absorbed into the hair. This oil is great for hair that isn’t prone to dryness and can help contain frizz. Due to the nature of this oil it is the ideal sealant for hair types with looser curl patterns.

Remember oil’s do not moisturise the hair but are great for sealing in moisture and thus leading to hair that is a lot softer and less prone to dryness. When used in the correct way they can be a real gem in your hair care process. I’m sure that there are a few other oils out in the world that didn’t make this list that could do wonders for your hair but that is up to personal experimentation. 

Natural Hair Care

Natural Hair Beginners Tool Kit, What’s Needed?

19th March 2015

Natural Hair Beginners Tool Kit, What’s Needed?

Whether you’re starting from a T.W.A or an inbetweensie afro setting yourself up with the correct tools is very important. No matter your hair type there are certain essentials that you truly need as a natural that simply work and save so much time.  I let my hair grow out a lot before I went natural  to eliminate the “BIG” factor in big chop so my teenie weenie afro stage was short lived. However I’ve done my research on which of these products were the most helpful for the TWA. Here is a list of the top 12 things that should be in your hair care kit making anyones transition butter smooth.

                                                          A Spray Bottle

Spray Bottle With Grip

Spray Bottle With Grip

As I’m sure you know by now after tons of research and youtube surfing water is going to be one of the top priorities and the key to length and moisture retention. The easiest way to administer water hands down is a spray bottle, when purchasing keep in mind that grip is everything as your hands will become slippery from products while styling. Preferably I go for plastic simply because of the wipe clean surface as these things can get a little homely from everyday use. TWA Approved

Good Moisturising Cream

Olive Oil Sooth Hold Pudding

Olive Oil Sooth Hold Pudding

Knowing what your hair needs is key in finding this product, I learned this through trial and error.This product is important because it will next in line to be applied after water. A good moisturising cream is essentially your sealant. Since it will be applied so often try and look for a light almost fluffy consistency. My product of choice is “Olive Oil Smooth N Hold Pudding”. I love this cream because when all of my other products were running low it literally replaced all of them combined. In searching for the right cream remember to apply the “does it do it all” factor i.e. curl defining, moisturising, hair absorbency. TWA Approved

  An Oil That Strengthens

Palmers Coconut Oil

Palmers Coconut Oil

 Oils are amazing for coating hair strands and protecting them against moisture stealing cold weather and breakage. However this is not due to the hydrating factor of oil because quite frankly oils aren’t hydrators. They’re important because they coat the strand and add on another layer of protection ultimately strengthening the hair. My choice is Palmer’s Coconut Oil, the brand is amazing but coconut oil in general is one of natures miracles. Personally, it’s one of the only oils that actually coats all of my hair and leaves it feeling soft days later. I apply it after my water and cream as a third layer and it does                                                           wonders, especially if you have problems with frizz.

                                                                                                Wide Tooth Comb/ Brush

Deep Wide Tooth Comb

Deep Wide Tooth Comb

Wide Teeth and Smaller Teeth

Wide Teeth and Smaller Teeth

Due to the nature of natural hair a wide tooth comb with depth is a must, they prevent breakage and can aid in evenly dispersing product through your hair. However your combing method is everything, many still see breakage even with a wide tooth comb and it can be worrying. Make sure that you’re combing from the ends first in sections. Simply running the comb through will spark a battle with curls that will fight back and break off. Once you’ve combed through and all is detangled I suggest a wide tooth comb with a set of smaller teeth, they’re great for curl definition at your ends. TWA Approved


Tresemme Naturals Conditioner

Tresemme Naturals Conditioner

Washing your hair is important and having the right tools in the shower is even more crucial so finding a great conditioner should be top priority. There are a lot of products out there to choose from but ultimately it’s up to what your hair needs and responds to. Notice how much slip it gives your hair, meaning is your hair a breeze to comb through after your wash? The feel of your texture is important as well if your hair doesn’t feel soft under running water as your washing it out then the cleanser is too strong and your conditioner isn’t hydrating enough. Many suggest washing your hair solely with conditioner (co-washing) as many of the times washing leaves our hair too clean and robbed of moisturising supplements that our hair needs. I use a few conditioners but my favourite is “Tresemme Naturals” it has the “does it all factor” and moisturises my hair enough to set me up for my after wash regimen. TWA Approved

                                                             Stick On Mirror For Your shower

Shower Mirror

Shower Mirror

Wash days, can seem endless depending on which stage of hair growth you’re in. One thing I found that helped with my washing process is a shower mirror. When you can see everything you’re doing it helps reduce tangles and produces a more accurate result when washing out conditioners and shampoos. They’re also great for length checking as the running water stretches down your curls. Shower mirrors are a simple yet powerful addition to any naturals hair care arsenal. TWA Approved

          Bobby Pins

Various Sized Bobby Pins

Various Sized Bobby Pins

Bobby pins have come to be a great addition in my hair styling routine. No matter how good your hair style turned out there’s always that one curl that is stubborn and wants to curl away from the rest. They encourage shape retention and are great for stretching out curls. I always suggest using the larger one’s because they don’t get lost so easily and won’t break your hair off for those moments when you’re doing your hair in a rush. They also have more reach and strength behind them for larger fro’s and delicate up-do’s.

                                                       Spandex Hair Bands With Grip

Spandex Hair Bands With Grip Inside

Spandex Hair Bands With Grip Inside

A key ingredient with retaining length and minimising breakage is to implement easy styling methods that don’t put too much strain on your hair. Quite frankly the simpler the better. Spandex hair bands are perfect for that and can push back the hair amplifying the shape of your fro. However be cautious of how tight they are, your edges are very fragile and can break if pulled too tightly. I suggest wearing spandex bands that have coating on the inside to help balance slip and strain around your edges. They look better as well because the coating allows the band to nestle into your hair creating an effortless look for low maintenance hair styles. TWA Approved

                                                           Deep Conditioner

Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque

Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque

Most naturals will have to combat dryness on a daily basis due to the fact that some hair is naturally dry. A good way to keep dryness from becoming more of an issue than it needs to be is finding yourself a good deep conditioner. Not only do they penetrate but they can improve your hair texture. Hydrated and not so hydrated curls differ in appearance greatly meaning they need a little extra love and attention that most products just aren’t equipped to give. A great choice is “Shea Moisture’s Deep Treatment Masque” The improvements are seen almost immediately and you won’t have to use nearly as much product to make up for hydration that simply needs replacing by a good deep conditioner. You’ll know when you’ve found a good one because you won’t have to use it very often. TWA Approved

                                                   Satin Cap

Jumbo Satin Cap

Jumbo Satin Cap

The satin cap was important when you were wearing relaxer’s and it’s important now. These moisture retaining caps are amazing but you don’t have to stop there. A silk scarf or anything along those lines will be of great use depending on your hair style. If you tend to lean more towards using a lot of oils a scarf is better for minimising product from being transferred onto pillows and sheets. I personally use a jumbo satin cap with an elastic band around the edges. I never have to worry about it slipping off at night and due to the size they can better contain a vast amount of hairstyles, especially for those lazy nights of sleeping on your fro which I hope are few and far between. TWA Approved

          Hair clips

Large Hair Clip

Large Hair Clip

Styling your hair should be one of the times when you’re most cautious due to the fact of during this time the most stress and breakage occurs. When sectioning off your hair the best way to minimise all of these negative factors is using this style of hair clips. Not only do they easily partition off larger sections of hair but they also push hair down and out of the way and contain fly aways. Cloth bands are of great use as well but they easily allow tangles and knots to form and sometimes breakage from taking them on and off.


Scissors With Smaller Blades

Scissors With Smaller Blades

All of the curls present in your hair aren’t super containable as you very well know so knots are expected. Having a pair of scissors on hand to eliminate damage from knots that will only cause more tangles and dry ends is essential. Using a pair of shears like hair dressers use isn’t the only option. I usually use a pair of cuticle scissors to cut my ends and have been doing so for over a year now. I haven’t noticed any adverse reactions and when you think about it they’re designed for skin removal which means that the blades are smaller and will deliver a clean cut that won’t fray. All in all different types of scissors are pretty much the same except for the blade. Shears have a similar design to cuticle scissors but have a different handle for styling purposes but the most important goal is the removal of those pesky knots.

All of these products and tools are things that every natural should have because they’re proven to aid in the most miraculous ways in the up keep of our hair. However the very specifics of these tool and products are up to you and the needs of your hair so don’t just take my opinion for it. I encourage every natural hair to be choosy and try it for themselves and if it works great! If it doesn’t remove it from your hair regimen and keep searching. Your natural hair is much too precious to not discover the best possible methods for your hair type!

Natural Hair Care

What All New Naturals NEED to Know To Transition to Natural Hair Smoothly

18th March 2015
Woman with Afro Making Face

What All New Naturals NEED to Know

Going natural is probably one of the hardest and most freeing experiences a woman can do for herself. The initial insecurity and uncertainty are all apart of the process that will leave most feeling dazed on what to do next. However with your natural hair care genie at your side you’ll have real hair care advice from a real natural. As a newborn natural you’ll find that there’s a lot of information out there but finding what you NEED to know in the beginning in one place can be troubling. Save yourself the trouble of trial and error and learn what I wish someone would’ve told me from the beginning.

Your Hair Is Just That, YOUR Hair

You’ll probably be wanting to hit up every hair care blog and youtube channel on the web which is all the more enlightening and is very necessary but becoming engulfed in another natural’s journey can be damaging. My post big chop hair style was a bantu knot out, it turned out beautifully looking back on it now but then I was secretly freaking out. I thought “Am I really going to leave the house looking like this?” Looking at my true texture boldly staring back at me in the mirror was overwhelming. I have always had thick hair so my mother had me in relaxers by the time I learned how to tie my shoes. I had gotten use to the fantasy of my “straight hair” and completely broke away from my natural hair roots. I forgot what it was like to be kinky and most importantly that it was okay. I began to look to the web for other bantu knot styles and began to identify with the ones that turned out the best. I mimicked they’re technique, hair care products, and hair regimen and found that most of the time my natural hair didn’t look like theirs. Was it even suppose to? Of course not, I am me and they are them, we share the same journey and that Is all.

I had gotten use to the fantasy of my “straight hair” and completely broke away from my natural hair roots. I forgot what it was like to be kinky and most importantly that it was okay

First Bantu Knot out

Post Big Chop Bantu Knot Out

Get Used to Putting In A Lot Of Work

Everything that needs to be done in preparation for the correct way to take care of and handle your hair is yet to be learned. For example all that I had ever known was centralised around my processed hair. I needed to make up for absolute years of getting the bare minimum of moisture  if my hair could speak it would’ve slapped me and yelled “I’m thirsty and I been thirsty woman!” Your hair will need constant attention especially if you were a life long relaxer wearer like I was. It will be challenging to moisturise everyday but once you’re in the swing of things the amount of work you put in will just seem natural. While your hair may seem like it’s fighting you back and that twist out didn’t twist out correctly don’t put too much strain on your hair. The putting in of “work” really means moisture. Note how your hair responds to the level of product in your hair and you’ll soon know the prefect level that will keep your curls happy.

Don’t put too much strain on your hair. The putting in of “work” really means moisture

Get to Know Your Hair

Getting to know your hair is so essential, at first it’s natural to feel like a stranger to the new you. Get to know what your hair texture needs, what It truly needs. The worst thing that a newborn natural could ever do is to put her hair in a newly yielded categoric box and ignore their instincts. If your curls look sad but the woman on youtube said that it happens and it’s okay then one of you has to be wrong. In the beginning it is an absolute must that you familiarise yourself with your hair at it’s healthiest and at it’s daunting stages so that you can recognise when something’s up and begin to retain length. Call me crazy but I let my hair go without moisture for a few days just to see both ends of those spectrums. Once you get to know the ins and outs of your hair a hair care regimen will naturally occur and beautifully luscious and more obedient hair will follow.

The worst thing that a newborn natural could ever do is to put her hair in a categoric box and ignore their instincts

Water Water and More Water

Water is the most moisturising substance for kinky hair on the planet but because it evaporates so quickly it needs to be sealed in by using a moisturising cream over it or else your hair will just become dry all over again. Try an experiment for yourself just so you can truly see how big of a difference adding water to your regimen makes. Apply products without first applying water one day and then the next day apply them with water and the results will be visible. Not only will it improve moisture retention but it will also reduce the risk of tangles which can be detrimental. Getting tangles can lead to knots forming near your ends and ultimately halting length retention. Your hair should never be combed while dry for detangling purposes! Water is all powerful in weighing down those tight curls and giving them the moisture they need so before you apply any creams or oils spray it baby!

Not only will it improve moisture retention but it will also reduce the risk of tangles.

Experimenting With Products Is Necessary 

There are so many natural hair care products on the market that claim many things and will do so but for different heads. Your hair is unique to you due to heritage, diet and many other factors. From one natural to another you will find some products that are absolutely  terrible for your hair. You just have to get back on the horse and do your research. Look at the products that do agree with your hair and notice the ingredients and apply that to your product searches. Some will be ridiculously cheap and some very expensive but ultimately price based on value isn’t really plausible in this arena. I’ve found 4 dollar creams that gave me some of the best twist outs I’ve ever had. Trial and error are the name of the game and if it doesn’t work then throw it out of your regimen and move on.

Price based on value isn’t really plausible in this arena.

Expect People To Be People

This natural hair movement is a strong one and hopefully one day it will be accepted as the new norm for black women in society. However not everyone is on the bandwagon and many people won’t agree with it no matter what facts you throw at them. One of the initial comments I had from a family member was “when was I going to relax my hair again?” I almost choked on my gum with laughter at the fact of rocking my natural curls was unnatural to her. Not everyone is going to think it “looks good” but as long as you think it does then it does!  Remember there is an entire community out there supporting and doing exactly what you’re doing. This liberating decision you’re making isn’t for anyone else it’s for yourself. With some it’ll be a generational thing and others it will be sheer jealousy, no matter the jabs and snide comments your natural hair is beautiful and is not NAPPY.

Understanding Your Kinky Hair As A Whole

I thought something was wrong with my hair for the longest. No matter what I did to it or how many days straight I’d moisturise it, it remained feeling dry. You have to look back on the relaxer days where you had to grease your scalp and your hair would look slicked down and stiff. I dare you to try and grease your scalp with natural hair and assume that the same will happen. It boils down to the very strand of your hair, that “I just got my hair greased slick em’ down” look was due to the product being able to completely coat your hair strand because it was straight. However due to the kinky, curly, or zig zagging shape of your hair strand getting a product to completely coat your hair will be a lot trickier. Using water will weigh down those curls forcing them to loosen up and take to the products you’re using. Really paying attention to your ends is a must as well. They are after all the oldest parts of your hair and will be the hardest to keep moisturised. They’re the first part of your hair that your hands and clothing touch so they have it the roughest. Also your curly hair is naturally prone to dryness and frizziness but both of those things can be handled with proper use of product and care.

Once you embrace all of these factors your attitude will change towards your hair for the better. I always say that once you’ve had your first bad twist out and you can still doctor up your hair and leave the house with sheer confidence you’ve truly transitioned. I hope I’m not the first but if I am, I would like to welcome you to the natural hair journey!