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Say Goodbye To The Twist Out That Didn’t Dry

28th October 2015
twist out

It’s close to bedtime and  you’re on your final twist, it’s a lot later than you expected to finish but you hope for the best and get some sleep. Looking into the mirror the next morning you take down your hair only to discover that 4 out of 12 twist have dried and set. The truth is super thick hair shows absolutely no mercy when it comes to drying. Using heat to set your hair works wonders but it’s simply not practical for the health of your natural hair. I began to think to myself, why do I need to load my hair down with styling products anyway? What exactly do they do that my hair couldn’t do on its own? One wash day I accidentally stumbled upon something that would change the way I did my hair forever. Here is how I get great results without a ton of products leading to twist outs that are always dry and defined. Note: This method works best on freshly washed hair.


The way to a great twist out is excellent definition but how do you expect to get it when you’re loading your hair down with products that would probably take your hair (depending how thick) around 1-2 full days to dry? One day after I’d gotten done washing my hair I twisted my hair off into sections to apply my hair products. As I went on and took down the twist I realised that my hair was setting to the point where there was excellent definition with only my leave in conditioner in it. You’d be surprised at just how agile clean hair really is. Styling products are great but all they do is help to eliminate frizz and coat your hair strands so they’ll bind together easily and the kicker is that clean and moisturised hair actually does all of that on its own.  So on that note I’ll break down exactly what you should do on your next twist out.

  1. After you’re hair has been washed apply your leave in conditioner and allow your hair to dry until it is damp. The most important part is that your hair is damp and not wet. If you can grip your hair and have wet hands it’s still too wet.
  2. A lot of naturals use the L.O.C Method at this point to seal in moisture but this will cause your hair to be too weighed down. You are still following that method except you won’t be applying any cream after the oil which is why it’s important to use an oil that seals in moisture really well.  Next you’ll want to go ahead and section off your hair into the layout for your twist out.
  3. The next step is to apply your oil to a section of hair, once you’ve done so it is important that you twist it immediately. To combat shrinkage since fresh hair causes your curls to revert I would recommend using this method for twisting you hair as done by youtube natural hair guru Naptural85 it’s really simple and involves flat twisting your hair at the roots which will stretch your hair. I also apply styling cream only at the ends of my hair and twist it around my finger to create a nice curl at the end.
  4. Once you’re done twisting leave your hair uncovered for as long as possible this will help your hair to continue drying from its damp state.
  5. When taking down your hair the next morning it will be dry and moisturised. When untwisting your hair coat your hands with a greasy or thick oil to help with any frizz depending on your hair type. You should now be the proud wearer of an amazing twist out!

Final Notes:

  • This method works for thick hair but depends greatly upon whether or not your hair was cleansed and moisturised properly.
  • A great way to test out and see if it will work on your hair is when letting your hair dry twist up a section of hair where the curl pattern is the tightest (for those who have several textures of curls in their hair) and leave it until your hair has dried for a while. When taking down the twist look for how frizzy the hair is and how deeply the curl has set. If there’s tons of frizz or twist has not set at all then your hair probably won’t turn out very well using this method.
  • The biggest secret of natural hair is it doesn’t need a lot of different substances just the right amount of the right things. As long as your hair is  moisturised and loved it will show that love back!

What you want in a twist out is stretched hair, definition and neatly styled waves and every time I use this method my results reflect just that! Styling products get the job done but remember you do not NEED them, I hope this easy styling method works and eliminates the days of undried twist outs.