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How To Shorten Your Wash Day

10th March 2016
shorten your wash day

With this practice your next wash day could be a breeze with this simple and easy method that leaves your hair feeling fully moisturised, soft and easy to manipulate. There’s that moment in everyone’s wash day routine where you have to choose between spending those much needed hours carrying out your routine or an activity. However, what would happen if after you’ve washed your hair, you did nothing but slap on a bag, found something to cover it and followed with a cream or oil a little later? Here’s how to shorten your next wash day:

1. First you start off with your co-wash, I used a little olive oil with my conditioner to be sure that my hair had ton’s of slip and was softened. This method may not yield the same effect on shampooed hair.

2. After your hair is washed and put a bag on along with a beanie or scarf over it to make sure that there is very little air escaping and you can get going to your engagement.

3. Next, you’re free to leave the bag on for as long as you’d like! Be sure to make sure that your hair is only allowed to dry enough to feel damp.

4. After you’ve left the bag on for a while (1-4 hours/after your engagement is over), follow up with your favourite oil and cream. A leave in-conditioner isn’t necessary but if you really want to, feel free to apply it before you place the bag on. Applying a leave in may effect the way your hair feels and dries. For those with thicker hair be sure to use a cream or oil that is thick enough to fully coats your hair. I used Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter followed with Almond Oil and Coconut Oil.

That’s it! Your hair will feel soft and extremely agile.


This method is great for when you’re prepping to rock a bun! I usually twist my hair up into sections while applying my hair products and once my hair is coated I wrap them into bantu knots. By doing this your hair will be very stretched, soft and ready to be pulled into a fantastic bun. This method will make your hair super soft and moisturised for when you don’t have enough time for a full days work on your hair!


Natural Hair Care

Is Oil Washing For You?

3rd August 2015
oil washing

Oil washing is probably one of the most creative methods I’ve seen amidst the natural hair community and it intrigued me greatly. Naturally, I did some research took to youtube and discovered that quite a few people were doing this and they all were having different experiences. I couldn’t wait to try it out and I’m glad that I did I learned so much more about my hair! Here’s exactly what happened during my four week trial of oil washing.

What is oil washing? It’s a method used before washing your hair or in between your shampoo and conditioner application to retain moisture and to soften the hair. You coat the hair generously (depending on your hair type) with a heavy or light oil and then wash it out like normal. From my research people were mainly using olive oil which is due to the fact that most of the women had thick densely compacted tight curls. Olive oil is thick enough to coat without the greasiness like coconut oil leaves behind. Watch an oil wash in action here via the NappyChronicles youtube channel for a visual.

I began oil washing once a week for 4 weeks. I applied oil in my hair after cleansing with a conditioner and a light cleansing co wash shampoo at my roots to loosen any dirt or product build up. After doing this I applied olive oil to my hair and let it sit for 15-20 minutes under a bag. I then washed out as much as the oil as I wanted. I always left behind a good amount because it made my hair a lot softer and much more manageable.

I began seeing results after week 2. I noticed that my hair was a lot shinier and was beginning to soften! As far as moisture retention I saw no difference even after my 4 week trial had ended. Looking back on it now I understand why I didn’t, with all of the oil that I was placing in my hair it probably affected how much sebum my hair was producing. I think that if I were steaming my hair or doing hot oil treatments the moisture loss I was experiencing would’ve been cut in half. After all that olive oil was just sitting on top of my hair and probably creating a bit of a barrier between my hair shaft and the water that could’ve provided more moisture.


What I learned:

Oil washing isn’t necessary for my hair

It made my hair SUPER shiny to the point where people noticed & the shine was gorgeous!

It did nothing whatsoever for my moisture levels

It made the feel of my hair softer because the oil was able to distribute wonderfully & work its magic

This method is more of a beautification process for my hair rather than constructive to my hair’s health



If You’re Going To Try This:

Be sure to use an emollient (an oil that softens the hair) otherwise kind of a waste

If you notice you’re losing more moisture than normal don’t oil wash as often & if you’re using a cleanser like a shampoo or co washing shampoo make sure that you’re replacing that moisture loss

Don’t apply directly to your scalp as this might affect the level of your own naturally produced oils

It’s a pretty messy process but your skin will feel so soft if you wash in the shower

Let the oil sit on your hair for a while before washing it out


Overall if I ever needed my hair to be shinier or was looking for an easy to do method that would make my hair super easy to deal with after a wash I’d do an oil wash. Otherwise, I’ll stick to my steaming and hot oil treatments.