Transition From Winter To Summer In Style

7th April 2015

Transition From Winter To Summer In Style

In some places the winter weather was a pretty cold one and in other areas many enjoyed luke warm weather and plenty of sun. Now is the time to prepare your wardrobe for the winter to summer transition as it becomes not as cold but still not warm enough. These styles can tide you over.

Love it. Autumn winter outfit

Great Color contrast




Fall / Winter - street style - black and white stripped sweater + white cropped pants + leopard print sneakers + black sunglasses + light grey coat + coral handbag

Nice pop of color



curiosites:  non—-sequitur:  really digging this whole cropped pants trend. you have to get the length just right though.

Great use of creating more space and lines with short pants

Light layered shirts with something heavy like a knitted scarf or a thick cardigan or jacket are excellent for warm and style.







Fashion and style: work outfit white shirt + black skinny pants + nude shoes + nude trench or cardigan. Absolutely love it!

Layer up with a light jacket and and collared shirt and form fitting jeans



Layers galore! This works because of the length that breaks up the heaviness of this style. Shorts with tights are edgy and can bring a summeresque look to any style.

Thigh high socks make any outfit like 10 times cuter

Blazer season is in (well it’s always in for me) this upbeat casual look is light and warm and once again we see that white, tan and blue color spectrum in use. As well as breaking up the heavier toned blues with the use of a lighter colored belt.

8 fall outfits for women everyone can wear - Jennifer Rizzo Nx


This light and fun look uses the unique method of making a color pop in your outfit by adding a ‘like’ colored accessory.

I love a structured outfit like this, centered around the skinny jean and working with simple pastel pinks and creams that really bring out the blue of the denim. Outfit Idea #3. Rock a leather midi-skirt, denim shirt and booties. Wearing a heavyweight bottom and shoes that fully cover your feet balance out a thin top.  Just like the idea...

All black everything with ripped jeans for an airy look and a short light jacket.

 I would dress like this all the time if I could via Discover and share your fashion ideas on


Use a light sweater to throw over a cute dainty dress


















Shop this look for $106: — Burgundy Cropped Sweater — Black Skater Skirt — Dark Brown Leather Crossbody Bag — Black Wool Tights — Brown Leather Ankle Boots
Simple sweater + Simple leather mini + Simple black booties = Simply perfection

Implement a cute skirt with a cute baggy sweater with tights or no tights at all!











Wear a cute dress with a jacket or boots, be adventurous with fall patterns or more summer welcoming with vibrant colors.

jewelry jewelry fashion jewelry 2013-2014 ... by CornyFall indie fashion [Pinterest: @YelaGarcia]



The usage of different pieces of clothing that are brought together by large accessories is perfect for transitioning. Can’t forget a good head wrap to protect your hair from brisk weather!

18-15n-77-30w:  lionessstyle:  Oh, those pants!! Killin’ it! everything about it.... the flow of it, the earthiness of it... the earth tones.... and the beautiful sis!


Thick textured patterns with different ranges of colors are great for warmth and flare

i don't know if it's the boots and headwear, or how happy this girl is... but i'm lovin' itAfrican fashion African Clothing  African Tradition Beautiful Africans African Style Ankara Nigerian Ghanaian Kenyan Burundi Senegalese Swahili


















Last but not least throw some floral print into the mix! If you’re into that type thing.

make use of your summer kimonos by wearing them with ankle boots and leggings or skinny jeans22 Brilliant Outfit Ideas with Leather Jacket

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