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Was Your Winter Regimen Moisturising Enough?

11th April 2016
natural hair winter regimen

As we proceed to enter into the warmest part of the year (gladly) it will be easier to tell where we were lacking when it comes to our entire body. For me, if I didn’t moisturise my skin properly while it was cold it shows up underneath the blazing sun in the form of overly dry lips and rough skin. However, your hair has a mind of it’s own and will in its own way send you signals on it’s health and state. Here are subtle signs to look for that will suggest if your winter regimen wasn’t  moisturising enough for your natural hair.


Itchy & Dry Scalp

Even after you’ve washed your hair and conditioned it your scalp feels itchy. This could be due to a number of reasons but if it’s happening out of nowhere then it usually means you’re lacking moisture and often it starts with what you’re doing in the shower. Try to stay away from cleansing shampoos and be sure to use oils with your co-wash.


Dry Uncurling Ends

Your ends will always be a tell all when it comes to the health of your hair. They’re the ones that need the most attention and act as a compass for whatever routine you’re currently into. If they’re not curling up at the ends when styling that twist out that’s usually fabulous then it’s a definite moisture problem. Try mixing up some natural ingredients and placing them on the ends of your hair. Follow up by placing a bag over it to really penetrate your ends. A great mix would include anything with avocado, banana, honey, and shea butter or all of the above!


Highly Porous Hair 

If your hair’s porosity has changed it could mean a few things but if you notice it during the changing of seasons then it points to moisture loss. Your hair’s porosity is a very important factor and can tell you exactly what’s going on. If you’ve recently had tons of moisture loss your hair will go into survival mode and begin to hold in whatever moisture it gets meaning, that getting more moisture to the hair shaft can be harder. Read up on a previous post to learn more about  your hair’s porosity and why it’s important.


Easily Tangles

Depending on how tight your curl pattern is tangles and knots are more prone to happen but one sign of moisture depraved hair is hair that tangles even when wet. Your hair shaft can take on many appearances but the most prominent one is when its fighting for moisture. The hair won’t be as likely to slip because any products as well as water will just sit on the top of your hair due to drastic changes of  moisture intake= highly porous hair.

Change In Definition When Styling

It wouldn’t be easy to tell with this sign, especially if you kept your hair tucked away in a protective style for most of the colder season but as soon as you take it down and proceed to style your hair you’ll def notice this difference straight away. Moisturised hair is easy to style and is extremely agile and open to manipulation. This will be one of the first signs to be noticed if your hair hasn’t been properly moisturised for a while. It will limply hang in a twist out and will barely have any definition and will appear overly frizzy.

The Feel of Your Hair Is Different

Lastly, every natural that really pays attention to the health of their hair knows when something’s off. When your hair begins to feel different it’s always time to reevaluate what you’re doing with it. A tell all sign for my hair is when I put products on it and it feels like the equivalent of oiled straw. It’s like I can feel my hair through the product in a way. This is a very important sign and should NEVER be ignored. I find that not using harsh cleansers and just co-washing weekly and doing a deep conditioner with a steamer does the trick.


These signs are all equally important and should be handled with a “sure thing” solution. I hope that none of you natural will be witnessing any of these as we emerge into afro and twist out season!

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