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Why Stimulating & Massaging Your Scalp Is Important

10th May 2016
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Ahhh, the scalp. Probably one of the most forgotten about parts of our hair which is actually where healthy hair begins. I’ve recently began exploring just how important this is and making a few changes and I must say the difference is pretty noticeable! Read on to learn why it’s important to stimulate your scalp and how it can hold the golden spot in your natural hair care routine.

What it does:

Stimulating your scalp helps circulate blood flow which in turn causes hair growth. There is a network of capillaries (tiny blood vessels) all over your scalp that act as a collection and distribution point for vital nutrients. Therefore by stimulating your scalp you increase blood flow and that constant supply of nutrient rich supplements to your hair.



How You Do It:

The key here is to massage the scalp I’ve found that using a Denman Shower Brush works best for me instead of my finger tips. If I’m using this in the shower I pull down on the hair and place the brush at my roots and rotate my hand in a circular motion using my fingers to make the teeth of the comb rotate like a spinning top. I do not recommend picking up the brush and physically moving it in circles the brush should not leave your scalp let the teeth do the work! I go around that section of my head twice. For use on dry hair section off your hair and use this method. This video is simple and easy to follow and uses the same method that I use in the shower. Many also use essential oils like peppermint and almond oil which invigorates the scalp and helps to kick start stimulation even further.


The Denman Shower Brush Itself:

The brush is small and very good value for money, I bought mine for less than £4. I’m not sure how much it would cost in dollars but I believe that they are more than fairly priced. It also comes in several colors and slips right onto your hand easily for a comfortable fit. The bristles are a hard plastic like material and are extremely flexible, they also soften under warm water and feel amazing when used in the shower especially. You will become addicted to using this brush!


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  • Softer hair from root to tip: I noticed this one after I got done massaging an area of my hair in the shower, I’m not sure if it loosened up some of my own natural sebum and caused it to run over my hair in the shower but whatever it did my hair feels softer all over!
  • Excellent Shampoo/Conditioner distributer: Using this tool after I’ve applied my shampoo and conditioner caused the break up of buildup on my scalp and gave me that fresh super clean scalp feeling.
  • It feels Amazing!!!! I can’t describe how good it feels but I did start salivating in the shower that should say enough. You can also feel the blood flow increase to your scalp which feels equally just as good.
  • Sparse areas will begin to fill in: As the paragraph above states it does have a direct effect on hair growth if you don’t want to go through the trouble of an entire head massage at least do it to the areas of your hair that are sparse or thinning the results will astound you.
  • Helps with itchy scalp: Most of the time your scalp itches from either a load of buildup on your scalp or from lack of moisture. This brush helps clear buildup away and distributes conditioner really well. Two birds, one stone!


How Often Should You Do It:

I’ve read some articles that recommend scalp stimulation as much as up to twice a day! I however, do it whenever I feel like it. I would say a regular scalp massage with finger tips can be done up to twice a day, if you’re using this brush maybe a few times a week or spaced out throughout the month it’s all about how your own scalp reacts to it.

Precautions When Using This Tool:

For those with a tighter curl pattern I do not recommend using this as a normal brushing tool even in the shower. The tiny teeth of this brush rake through and can cause tangles. Overall, try it out and see if it can work for you. Also be aware of the circular motions you should not be lifting the comb off of your head but rather rotating the teeth on your scalp. Last but not least always detangle before using this brush and remember to pull down on loose hair so that your curls won’t get pulled upwards into the circular motion.

This practice is great for anyone that is looking for a new addition to their natural hair care routine. Keep track of your results and let us know we’d love to hear if this tip worked out for you and the health of your hair!



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